Fall on your face

Can you believe there are only 69 days left of this year?! That basically means we are knee-deep into Fall. Which also means you have put away all of your Spring makeup by now. Well, you better press REWIND and pretend you didn't put away all of your vibrant eyeliners! Go ahead... I'll wait right here while you go retrieve them...  

That's right, y'all! Fall doesn't mean you have to stick to darkneutral tones. And how do I know this to be true, you ask? That's easy! There are NO rules when it comes to makeup! Say it 3 times and you'll never forget it!

Now, I'm not saying to paint your entire eyelid bright blue. (But that would totally be ok if you did!) Here's a breakdown of how I would incorporate bold, bright hues into your Fall Look

Go PURPLE! Purple is the PERFECT compliment to any and all cool or warm eyeshadow tones! This perfect hue has been one of my go-to tricks for years! It's perfect for every eye color, every hair color, every skin tone. Period. So when you get the Winter time blues, remember to always GO PURPLE!

Do your eyes any way you please! To take it to the next level, ditch the black eyeliner and lay it on THICK with your favorite hue of purple!

It's like the perfect pair of blue jeans for your eyes! BLUE is bolddaring, and says you like to take RISKS. You can incorporate this shade with a nude eye to take advantage of its vibrant beauty on its own, or you can take it there by pairing this color with a smokey look. With your angle brush, use a gel liner to create the line you desire. Really digging the look? Add the same color to the bottom lash line. HAVE FuN! 

Pro Tip: Line your eyes with a black eyeliner first, then go over that line with a dark or bright blue eyeshadow. (My favorite is the MAKE UP FOR EVER Pure Pigment in Blue!) Black is the perfect base for BRIGHT colors!

Mean GREEN no more! Let your eyes do all of the talking with this DARING look! If there were ever a time when I ask you to heed my advice, this is the time! Listen carefully... Keep the rest of your face NEUTRAL when choosing this BIG GIRL color! Especially the lip color!! Start with a clean, sculpted eye using light and medium tones. Wing the eyeliner on top with this vivid color and line the bottom with a smokier green(Laura Mercier in Emerald, need I say more?).


What was the first lesson I preached in the beginning? Say it LOUD! THERE ARE NO RULES WHEN IT COMES TO MAKEUP! If anyone gives you any trouble(or a shady side-eye), send them MY way!

Let me know if you tried any of these looks and/or products. Also use #lipservicexo if you feel adventurous and decide to ROCK one of these BAD ASS looks! Go ahead and snap that selfie! 


Rainy Days

Hello! Now, I'm no meteorologist, but it looks like rain out there in Austin! Rain+ACL=Hair Nightmare! But it doesn't have to be! Here are a few options for those locks on a day like today.

1. First and foremost, RELAX! It's not the end of the world. Your best bet is to achieve a more tousled style when heading out in ANY damp weather. Your fingers should be your comb for all of these styles. That's right! PUT THE BRUSHES DOWN! I can be very bossy sometimes! ;)

2. Skip the shampoo today! Shampooing really strips the hair and scalp of oils, so give you and your scalp a break today! If you need a little boost in the root department, try using a DRY SHAMPOO. 

3. Can you say BRAID? Personally, I think the braid was invented for rainy days! Start with step 2, pull your hair to one side, and go to town braiding! The messier the better! Especially for a music festival!!

4. A TOP KNOT is TOP NOTCH in weather like this! My favorite knot is loose and tousled. Just flip your head upside-down, gather the hair in the middle and loop it around and around, pinning as you go. Voila! 

5. My Little Pony! Pony-Tail, that is! Again, you really don't even need a mirror for this. Simply shake out your hair, gather your hair in the back of your head, and wrap it up with an elastic band. Now use your fingers to gently pull hair at your hair-line and crown for a little volume up top. Feeling a little Preppy? All you need to do is a add a BOW! 

6. OR... You can call your BFF! and we can get you street-style ready in a flash! Email bff@lipservicexo.com or you can book your beauty treatment on our website lipservicexo.com First time? Enter the code NEWLIPGIRL at checkout and get 10% off your first beauty treatment!

7. HAVE FUN!! Remember, it's JUST HAIR! Now get that umbrella or poncho and enjoy your city! 

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