The Team

LIP SERVICE | beauty concierge  has brought together some of the country's best hair and make-up artists and wants 
to deliver them to your door. Once a luxury reserved for the uber wealthy, fashion models and entertainment personalities, 
top quality, in-home beauty concierge service is now available to all—at an affordable price.  

Lead Artist and Co-Owner Billy Mercer is excited to share his talents with

the “every woman”…and the "every man”!  “One of my greatest joys is to

give women a fresh perspective on their personal beauty, allowing them

to realize how gorgeous they truly are,” says Mercer whose clients

include supermodel Christy Turlington, Broadway star Patina Miller,

CNN’s Kate Bolduan, Norah Jones, Toni Braxton, Kathy Griffin, Anderson

Cooper and former president Bill Clinton.  “Don’t get me wrong, I love working

with high-profile clients, but there’s something special about helping

women see beauty in themselves they may not have seen before.”

Jamie Breuer, Creative Director and Co-Owner, comes from the world

of fashion, advertising and celebrity photography.  He’s art directed shoots

for Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine, BELLO mag, Fault Magazine, and

for advertisers such as Coca-Cola and Aussie brand Ristefsky Macheda.

Breuer is excited to make fashion shoot beauty services accessible

to everyone. “I love working with talented artists on set, but I’ve always

wanted to bring those same services to women in the real world,”

Breuer says. “The amazing thing about our artists is not only their

expertise in makeup artistry and hairstyling, but the innate ability to

develop an individual look for each client.”


LIP SERVICE is unique in offering celebrity-quality hair and makeup treatments as an in-home service.

“We come to our clients,” Mercer observes. “It’s all part of the pampering process."  

No need to leave your home, catch a cab, or drive across town.  

We're there when you need us and we treat you to a fabulous experience in your own home.”


LIP SERVICE’s hair and make-up artists have experience in fashion photography, allowing them to bring something 
special to clients, that ordinary stylists lack. “We’re bringing trends from the editorial and fashion worlds to women who 
want to make a statement,” Breuer notes.
“We’re making luxury affordable.”
In addition to providing in-home makeup and hair services for individual clients, LIP SERVICE offers full-scale photo & video 
production and art direction services for publishing, fashion, and advertising clients.